The Master Bedroom

It has a big canopied bed, which as I mentioned before covers most of the floor. It also cannot be removed because of the lovely trollop light blocking the way. It’s red and satiny; the bed, not the trollop. A nice red/gold ribbon goes around the top. A gold rope holds back the side curtains at each corner. I used a different red/gold filigree as trim. The posts of the canopy are made from dollhouse porch columns. At the end of the bed is a chest made of wood. I kind of cheated on this. I bought a wood filigree piece to go on the top as an inlay. On top of the chest is a sword in its belt. There’s a pair of cavalier boots lying on the floor made out of thin buckskin with a wood sole. There’s a basket of fire lizards hatching by the fire based on the series by Anne McCafferey. I bought the basket at a local sewing store, and then filled it with sand, after reinforcing the walls with glue against leakage. (Years later, when I learned how to weave baskets, I would replace this with one woven out of twine and caning that I made myself.) Then I made lizards out of, bet you can’t guess – polymer clay. There’s a gold and bronze watching the hatching. Somebody better get there with a bowl of meat soon or there’s just going to be heck to pay.

That’s all that’s done for now. This winter I will be finishing the rest of this tower. I actually have kind of a timetable now. I figure one more year on this tower, two more on the next, two on the cathedral and one on the gardens. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I really kept to it? (I wouldn’t. I had at least a decade to go.)