The Last Tower

The Beginning

Okay, I sit here in my house besieged by bats and wasps. So, I could brave the basement which one way or another will be bat free soon, or I could cower up here until it is. Hmmmm…. Cowering sounds good to me.

So, instead of working on the boring fixing things so they work together, I am up here making the last tower of the castle. After much thought, the last tower will consist of three rooms. From floor up, there will be storage, armor and alchemy. Ironic that when I started this, I envisioned making an alchemist’s or wizard’s den and then that is where I will actually end this.

Okay, you have to start with constructing this whole thing. Make three walls and 4 floors/ceilings. At this point, I am going through either a) knowing how to do it, b) knowing a better way to do it or c) remembering how to do it. Between the church and the cloister, I haven’t worked on the castle for all intents and purposes for 9 or more years.

I have learned somewhat from my mistakes and the main thing is to learn to plan. This is a lot like chess. I am trying to think 10 steps ahead so I don’t miss anything glaring. I am making all the brickwork for insides and outsides of the walls while they are still flat and easier to work on. Never tried it that way before. May be a raging disaster. The stairway between the 2nd and 3rd floor (the stairway to the 2nd was made as part of the guard room before.) is a bunch of pieces of Styrofoam similar shaped to the staircase in the church, only less detail since you won’t see most of it.


The Structure Continued…

I have made the structure of the tower – mostly in time for school to start. I made all the walls. I made the floors, with the two middle ones still removable for now. Because I won’t be putting the wiring in ahead, I have to make places for it to go. This requires leaving outlets for the wires. So, in the walls, I have left long tube like spaces running either up or down so the wires can be drawn through the floors into the plugs. For the things inside the rooms, I had to make holes where the rafters would be so that I could draw the wires through those. After that, you rout out the rafters and the backs of the floors so you can put all the wiring in. The ends of this tower’s wiring will be on the second floor behind the stairs. I also included a light on the stairs as I wanted to give it depth.

Floors and staircase are in place temporarily because I have not done the wiring yet and don’t intend to until later. I learned the hard way by not holding them in place as one floor warped and had to be re-tiled. All tiles on the floors in this tower are practical, as would be-fit the things being done in this tower. The top floor is basic and pretty. The other two floors were made by pressing polymer clay into molds and then cutting the pieces up and gluing and grouting them down.

The ceilings are basic rafters for the first two floors as I needed them to hide the wiring and it would make sense. The top floor was a little different. I wanted it to be more mystical, so I made it a vault painted white with stars. This was made similar to the cloisters with mat board.