Re-Working the First Tower

Destruction. Again.

I started this whole thing twenty years ago. I learned a lot in this time. The sad truth is the quality of the original is so drastically lower than the current methods that they are hard to look at together. If I hadn’t become better at all of this, it would have been fine. Unfortunately, if I wanted it to all be high quality, I must move on. So, one particularly dreary day, I attacked the first tower with a chisel. Remarkably, it turned out to be a fascinating process. I have forgotten a lot of the creation of this thing. It was still glued pretty well, but all the stones were big, yellowed and unfortunate looking. Pulling it off, I hadn’t remembered the various materials I had used such as board, cardboard, foamcore etc to get what I needed to work. An archeological dig it was indeed.


October 2012-10-19

In redoing the tower exterior, I ran into a number of problems along the way. One was, what to do with the old windows. They really look awful, but they also reflect what I was doing then. So, a compromise. I kept the front ones and intend to keep the whole front of the castle the original way it was done, partly to show how things changed over the years. Also, the front seemed to have weathered the time much better than the tower side did.  I redid all the stairway windows in my later methods, which included drawing the designs, copying into the computer, painting with Photoshop, gluing two layers together and then gluing all that to hard plastic. This takes days as getting the silicone glue to cure is tedious at best. I ended up downstairs trying to put them into the walls and somehow they ended up too big. Unfortunately, there were no scissors downstairs. Now I have been dealing with ankle pain, and a whole flight of stairs hurts, so I tried to use an Exact-o. Nope. Bad idea. Screwed them up and had to start all over. Pain sucks.


Reworking – A Solution: Decades too late – November 10, 2012

Two decades in and the hope of finishing in twenty years slips away. I have learned countless ways of doing things, mostly the hard way by trial and error. Mostly error. After years and years, decades, really of trying to hold various jewelry findings in place while they glue and putting up with a tendency of having cockeyed results because gluing tiny things is just really hard, I happen upon a solution that is so simple as to make one smack oneself in the head. I had decided that it is time to finish the damn thing. Well, in a true ADHD manner, I can’t work on one thing at a time. So, I am working on the gutters for the cathedral, which is challenging, but I will get into that in a minute. I am working on the stupid tiny jewelry findings for the various lights in the last tower and since everything is all crammed together on my coffee table, I have an epiphany. I grabbed a piece of polymer clay and shoved the light fixture into it sideways and it held everything perfectly. Sheesh. I so wish I had known this 20 years ago. Countless hours of frustration and failure would have been bypassed.