One Step Forward and Two Back

What is it about the most important part of something that makes it a guarantee that you’ll screw it up? I don’t know, but I do believe Murphy was an optimist.

I’m not working on the Great Hall any more for a while and I decided to work on the front of the castle. Here I hit a dilemma. See, you can see into all the rooms and you only see the outside of the castle on various walls here and there. Unfortunately, I wanted the front of the castle to look like a castle so you can get an idea of what the whole thing should look like. So, then, how to see into the rooms? The solution was simple, genius like and completely wrong. This, I didn’t find out until later. I decided to have the front of the castle and to let people look in from the top. OOOOh. So, cool. So, I started to build it.

I kept the front simple, just fieldstones made out of polymer clay. The doors were actually easy. They work, but since you can’t see the interior, elaborate hinges weren’t necessary. There are two floors. The bottom has the main entrance and two side rooms for guards to watch through. There are windows in the top floor which is one large guard room that looks over the front entrance and the Great Hall. The windows have no “glass” in them because they need to be kept open for guards’ arrows. A winding stairway was made out of Styrofoam coated with plaster then painted white. It really isn’t attached to much of anything at this point because of a missing tower. It begins in the great hall. The floor of the guardroom was made by mixing paint and plaster in a mold to make tiles and then grouting them onto the floor. I left open a murder hole to pour nasty things through onto the guests. I made one torch on the wall because it should be fairly dark in there (remember, they need to see out, not to have others see in).

Then, I had my sweet little niece come over. She’s always checking the progress on the castle and was just thrilled with having to get up on a chair to look into this new room. After sharing her glee, her piping little voice said in a tone that assumed I had an answer, “Aunt Terryl, how will people look in if there are two really tall towers on either side and people arriving in the front?” Oops. I hate when that happens. Well, needless to say I hadn’t thought that little tricky part through. I decided that that room would have very little detail in it and it must be time to move on to one of those nasty, tall room-blocking towers. So, I did. (Even later, when I attached the last tower, any semblance of seeing the tiles, people etc. would go away since the wiring for the last tower could be seen when looking down in. Thus, the whole darn thing had to be covered up. )