In the Beginning

So I had this idea I would create one room. Time passed and, two and 1/2 rooms later and with the full castle plan in mind, I continue to create. As I go, I add, change, etc. Though I know where I am going with it, I am often delighted to find I am wrong. So far, I have created the kitchen, the sitting room and begun the treasure room.

When I first began I had great dreams of creating the entire thing out of authentic materials. My first rude slap in the face was the realization of just how heavy all the rock walls would be. (Believe it or not, I brought a bag of rocks home from Ireland hoping to use them.) Since then, I do my best to be authentic, but I do have a nodding acquaintance with practicality. So, the important thing is just that everything in the castle is made by me, or as in a recent addition, by a close friend. (This contribution was removed for Artprize.) Everything is made on a one inch to one foot scale. The entire castle is modular as well. Each piece can stand alone for two reasons. One, moving my modern dollhouse I made in my twenties has been a nightmare. Two, until the whole thing is done, it looks unfinished. This way, I can display each piece as it is completed.