Bibles and Paintings

Italy was all that I hoped for inspiration-wise. I came home and did a few more things. One was an illuminated and large bible. Generally, the churches would have this one monster sized bible with pretty pictures in it. The book was made traditionally, but just really small. It has a leather binding with very thin sheets in it. On the front, the cover is cut away to expose a cross in brass that no one ever gets to see. I only made one page left open. The painting on the open page is from a church in Orvieto, Italy and the calligraphy is in Latin – The Peace be with you section of the bible. (As I prepared for Artprize 2014, I made a number of improvements. One was to illuminate and write a number of other pages. While they generally aren’t seen, you can see there’s nothing there if there isn’t writing on it. I used some of my favorite quotes from the bible and some simple designs to finish it.)