ArtPrize 2015: It Takes a Family to Raze a Village


The Task at Hand

preliminary sketchesThis is a 3-D mosaic dragon family at the moment of hatching. At present, it is a work in progress. The mother is iridescent gold/green/purple glass and the hatchling is blue and purple iridescent glass. The frames are aluminum covered in wire mesh and plaster underneath the glass mosaic. The dragons have hand blown glass talons and eyes. Their wing material is sheet copper. and the spines will be covered in mosaic glass. The mother and hatchling are on a mountain top of wood and the eggs (not pictured here) are made of clay. The floor piece is 4.5 feet tall and approximately 4 ft. by 6 ft. in space. While this base piece can stand alone, if a venue would be interested, I really would like to also make another hatchling taking flight around 10 ft. in the air and a father suspended even higher looking down on his family. The father would be approximately 5 – 6 feet long and made of similar materials, though he would be silver and blue with a black spine. From the pictures, you can see the base part of the project is not quite finished.

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